(EASA) Type Rated DORNIER DO328-100TP Captains and First Officers (ref. 2023-01)

For new European and Asian Coast Guard and ISR projects, NL EASP AIR is currently looking for (EASA) DO328-100 TP Type Rated Captains and First Officers. Candidates shall carry preferably a Low Level Endorsement.

The ability to work well in small teams, at remote locations and under pressure, is essential. Flexibility, inquisitiveness and collegiality are essential pillars for smooth and succesful operations.

DO328  Type-rated (!) First Officers with low hours are welcome.

Type Rated candidates who believe they qualify for a ‘Fast Track to Command‘-Captain position within NL EASP AIR are invited to express their interest and motivation. Applications of F/O’s will only be considered if the applicant has a valid DO328 Type Rating.

– Hold a current EASA ATPL(A) and a valid EASA FCL Class I Medical Certificate;
EASA Type Rated on the DORNIER DO328-100TP is a must;
– Have accumulated a minimum of 1500 hours of actual flight time;
– Have accumulated a minimum of 500 hours Pilot in Command on a twin engine turbine aircraft;

– EU Citizenship and resident is a must;
– (Preferably) Maritime Surveillance and/or ISR experience;
– Military or Air Police background is a pre;
– Flexible team spirit;
– UK language at proficiency level 6, in word and writing;
– A 20 days per month ZZP-contract or a part-/fulltime fixed-term employment contract;
– Your Home Base is Schiphol Airport The Netherlands;
– An EU security clearance application procedure* will be part of the selection procedure.



BEFORE applying, please read carefully:
Type Rated candidates only. Check the minimum requirements.
If you are not compliant (e.g. not Type Rated / minimum required hours / no EU Citizenship), please do not respond. Your application will not being processed.

* PSCC’s are issued by the applicable National Securiy Authority of the applicant. An application will only be considered if the relevant EU Member State will/can issue a PSCC within a time frame of 3 months.


>> express your interest via the contact form
Tell us who you are, your experience and why you are interested to join our team.  NL EASP AIR will forward you an email with all contact details and application instructions

Enclose in your application mail:

  • Cover Letter
  • Your CV
  • Your extended Motivation Letter. ONLY apply when you can motivate why you think you are qualified as a pilot within Special Mission Operations
  • Any relevant additional information, like copies of your license(s), last 3 pages of your logbook, medical, etc.
  • Any other relevant information

You will be invited for a personnal meet and a grading process.


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Unsolicited recruitment and acquisition of job positions by employment agencies is not appreciated. Reposting our open jobs is not appreciated.