Types of Solutions
NL EASP AIR provides maritime surveillance, Coast Guard, ISR and SAR flight services based on a
‘Power-by-the-Hour’-budget model. This model is cost-efficient, flexible and provides
an instant solution for your dedicated maritime and ISR surveillance requirements.

NL EASP AIR can support and execute these maritime surveillance flight operations
worldwide on ad hoc/short-term and long-term contracts.

  • Power-by-the-Hour budget / full service & turn-key solutions
  • Joined composition of crews, including operators, observers and Liaison Officers of Host
    Nations and Member States
  • Mission Command by International Coordination Centers of Host Nations and
    Member States

Types of Operations
Our portfolio of mission support comprises these types of operations:

Maritime Surveillance Support
(pollution control – anti-poaching – fish theft – human trafficking)

ISR Mission Support
IMG Analysis support

Coast Guard services

Airborne Support to Maritime Arena Management
(Forward Air-Based command post / Top Cover support

Anti-piracy surveillance and border surveillance

Search and Rescue mission support (SAR)

Upon request NL EASP AIR can provide liaison support in Central or Regional


ISR Mission Support
Support to ground troops with HD FLIR NRT VID feed, Ground Moving Target Indicators and Laser Range Finders.




Long Range-Longe Endurance Maritime Surveillance
Up to 6-10 hr. Maritime Surveillance and support to Naval surface units.
Radar coverage with Air to Sea and Air to Air Modes.





SAR Operations
Complex SAR and Top Cover Operations in close coordination with regional
Maritime Rescue Coordination Centres (MRCC).




Fishery Control
Low altitude Fishery Control and anti-poaching mission support.





Pollution Control
Inspection of emissions according to ‘Bonn’-Agreements

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