Types of Solutions
NL EASP AIR provides maritime surveillance and ISR, Coast Guard, SAR
and Special Mission Charter flight services based on a
‘Power-by-the-Hour’-budget model. This model is cost-efficient,
flexible and provides an instant solution for your dedicated maritime
and ISR surveillance requirements.

NL EASP AIR can support and execute these flight operations worldwide
on ad hoc/short-term and long-term contracts, on the basis of a
Multi-Mission Airborne Support concept.

Dedicated Multi-Role Operations are aimed at specific defense and
government domains. Based on a One-Stop-Shop Concept, with
only one point of contact. Thus optimizing our support onto your operational requirements.

  • Power-by-the-Hour budget / full service & turn-key solutions
  • Joined composition of crews, including operators, observers and Liaison Officers of Host
    Nations and Member States
  • Upon request NL EASP AIR can provide liaison support in Central or Regional
    Headquarters or International Coordination Centers of Host Nations and
    Member States



Types of Operations

Long Range-Longe Endurance Maritime Surveillance
NL EASPAIR has a very extended track record in Maritime Patrol Operations.

  • Up to 6-10 hr mission flights
  • Maritime Surveillance and support to Naval surface units
  • Radar coverage with Air to Sea and Air to Air Modes
  • Pollution control
  • Anti-poaching Operations (fish theft)
  • Anti-human trafficking Operations





ISR Mission Support
Support to ground troops with HD FLIR NRT VID feed, Ground Moving Target Indicators and Laser Range Finders. IMG Analysis support.








SAR Operations
Complex SAR and Top Cover Operations in close coordination with regional
Maritime Rescue Coordination Centres (MRCC).






Fishery Control
Low altitude Fishery Control and anti-poaching mission support.









Pollution Control
NL EASP AIR can offer various solutions for pollution control and oil spill detection. Offshore and land-based.
Inspection of emissions according to ‘Bonn’-Agreements.
Oil Spill and emission detection.

Contact us for more information and the available system and sensors.






Special Mission Charter services
NL EASP AIR offers special mission charter support for passengers and cargo.  These airlift services are provided with TurboProp aircraft, capable to operate form off remote (smaller) airports.
Groups and Special Mission teams, up to and including 30 PAX, can be transported throughout Europe. This is including dedicated Special Mission Cargo on Demand.

PAX Configuration
Special Mission Charter fleet provides civil charters and Defense charters. For both the transport of high-ranked military in Europe and the transport of Fast Interception Teams / Special Forces in response to incidents. Contact our support desk for more information.

Seats: 32 (DO328)

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Cargo-on-Demand / Last Mile Feeder Service
In addition to passenger transport, EASP AIR provides specialized mission freight operations to the more remote and off line destinations with ‘Last Mile Feeder’-services.

A fleet of dedicated all-cargo Special Mission Aircraft specifically serves the need for whole-airplane cargo. Flight crews are scheduled to enable short-notice launch and have experience in moving time-sensitive and critical cargo within Europe.

The Cargo-on-Demand support teams are experienced in moving cargo for just-in-time manufacturers, industrial plants, live animal transportation, complicated medical products such as vaccines. human tissue or organ transportation, AOG or marine parts, and more.

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